The CTOTF™ is a membership organization of combustion turbine owners/operators ("Users"). The organization's user-defined mission continues to be the premier forum for the exchange of information and experiences related to the design, operations and maintenance of combustion turbine and combined cycle power plants, and to provide a collective voice for its members to express issues and concerns to the combustion turbine industry.

On this site you can learn about out our almost 50 year history and find information regarding participation and membership in CTOTF™ (There are no membership fees ). Users may also sign up on this site for the custom-designed CTOTF™ Internet Bulletin Board Communication Service (IBBCS).

Information is available herein regarding our Executive Board, the Leadership Committee, as well as our user's--only bi-annual (Spring & Fall) Conferences and the associated Trade Shows. You will also find Conference Roundtable Agendas accompanied by abstracts of scheduled presentations and biographies of the presenters.

Herein is also information regarding the new educational arm of the CTOTF™ called CT-Tech™. CT-Tech™ provides more in-depth information for the new user or refresher courses for the experienced user. It is held during the evenings of the Conference weeks.

Information is also available for providers of combustion turbine electric generating plant services and supplies regarding participation in the bi-annual Trade Shows, sponsorship programs (such as the Super Champion/Champion program), and advertising opportunities.

CTOTF™ members have found that today’s technical issues are not just frame-specific but encompass the entire plant. In order to fulfill the defined mission and to meet their own professional needs, the members developed the CTOTF™ Total Plant Concept.

Tom Pasha: