Jansen’s Aircraft Systems Controls, Inc. (JASC)is incorporated in the state of Arizona and has been in business since 1990.  JASC’s business is based upon engineering and manufacturing of fluid control components for the aerospace, aircraft and industrial market places.

The items produced by JASC bridge both development quantities from 1-5 units annually to continuous production quantities ranging between 1000 and 5000 units annually. A majority of the items produced by JASC are for engine manufacturers whose products power space vehicles, expendable turbo-jets, aircraft power systems and electrical generator sets.

JASC is a privately held corporation with more than 35 employees and over 100 outside suppliers. Of these suppliers, approximately 10% are high-quality machine shops that provide rapid turn-around for both development and production hardware.  Product manufacturing cycle is supported by local businesses that specialize in raw material, heat treating, plating and non-destructive testing.

The skilled engineering and design teams of JASC take a systems-based approach while managing projects. The company can integrate systems, provide system-related solutions and improve overall engineering reliability.

"A Reliable Liquid Fuel System" by Schuyler McElrath.
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