Allied Power Group

Allied Power Group specializes in the high quality repair of industrial gas and steam turbine engine components. Specifically, Allied Power Group focuses on hot gas path and combustion components from GE, Westinghouse and other leading OEMs. Turbine engine owners everywhere trust the APG team of engineers and expert technicians to restore parts to their original form and function.

Allied Power Group’s state-of-the-art repair facility has over 133,000 square feet of space for virtually any repair needed — the newly expanded facility can now handle advanced thermal spray coatings, heat treatment, includes a heavy mechanical department (including a 40-ton crane) as well as an in-house metallurgical lab for coating qualification.

APG’s engineers and technicians work together to determine the best method of repair. Technicians conduct every repair with utmost precision using the latest tools, stringent process controls and the highest quality materials. The Company is committed to helping their customers succeed.

Turbine owners everywhere trust the APG team to restore parts to their original form and function

Gas Turbines:
Frames 3 through 7FA+e and W501F-FD3 (SGT6-5000F) through W251B-B12 as well as
Steam and V Series Capabilities.
IGT Repair Capabilities:
Grit Blast
NDE Inspection (FPI, UT, ET, X-Ray)
Weld Repairs
Coupon Repairs
Vacuum Heat Treat
Dimensional Restoration
Dimensional Inspection
Coatings – Including Thermal Barrier Coating (TBC)
and Dense Vertically
Cracked (DVC)
Component Upgrades
Component Upgrades – Extender Kits, 24K and EL Extensive Machining Capability
including CNC Modifications Airflow Testing
Moment Weigh and Sequencing Fixture Verification
Steam Repair Capabilities:
Full Steam Path Stationary Component Repair including Welding/Machining
Packing Bore Repairs
Steam Seal Face Buildup and Remachining Crush Pin Restoration
Compressor Services:
Disassembly, Inspection & NDE Impeller & Shaft Welding
Seal Upgrades
Rotor Balancing
Technical Services:
Inspection Services
Consulting Services
Innovative Repair Techniques Metallurgical Analysis
Extensive Knowledge and Experience Engineering Solutions
Allied Power Group
10131 Mills Road
Houston, TX 77070
Contact: Jennifer Cordle: Tel: 713-822-4223  
Contact: Dan Bartlett: Tel: 315-335-3707  
Toll Free: 888-830-3535
FAX: 281-444-3529
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