Since 1953 C.C.Jensen manufactures CJC Kidney-Loop Fine Filters and Filter Separators for the conditioning of lube oil, hydraulic oil and control fluids.  Our extensive know-how ensures optimal maintenance of oil systems and equipment reliability.

CJC oil maintenance systems not only remove varnish but ALL 4 CONTAMINANTS in 1 simple and reliable system:
          - Oxidation products (Varnish: soluble & insoluble)
          - Water (free, emulsified and dissolved)
          - Particles (0.8 micron nominal)
          - Acidity

Thousands of CJC Filter units are installed worldwide on:
          - gas & steam turbine lube & control oil systems
          - Cooling tower fan gears
          - coal pulverizers
          - boiler feed pumps
          - transformer oil
          - Diesel fuel (backup storage & full flow)
CC Jensen Inc.
320 Coweta Industrial Parkway
Suite J
Newnan, GA 30265
Contact: Axel Wegner
Tel: 770-692-6001 X6816 Office
Tel: 770-683-6816 Direct
FAX: 770-692-6006
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