GTC Control Solutions

GTC Control Solutions, formerly known as Gas Turbine Controls, provides quality alternatives for customers feeling pressured to upgrade their controls, protection and monitoring systems. We extend the life of legacy equipment, which prevents those from having to undergo costly replacements.
GTC initially grew to be the world’s most recognized independent support for GE Speedtronic™ Turbine & Excitation controls. We now bring the same level of service to a wider range of plant controls for the Power, Oil, Gas, Wind, Hydro and processing Plant industries by including additional lab-tested, certified parts and services for the brands you know and trust.

GTC Control Solutions

Skyline Drive, Suite 150
Hawthorne, NY 10532 USA

Sam Leyton (Business Development Leader – South East, USA)

Abel Rochwarger (Chief Engineer & Services)

Jimmy Rodriguez (Business Development Leader – North East, USA):

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