Peening Technologies

Peening Technologies provides In-house and On-site services that include, Shot & Glass Bead Peening, Magnetic Particle & Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection, Vibratory
Finishing and many other services to the power generation, aerospace, and oil and gas exploration industries.


Peening Technologies has extensive knowledge of power generation components. We have processed countless steam rotors of all shapes and sizes as well as all the related components. Our company is accredited by Nadcap for surface enhancement. When you partner with us, you are getting an experienced, highly-skilled, and professional team ready to take on your toughest project. Work with the best!

What to expect

A member of our team will complete an initial phone consultation to discuss the project and collect the engineering documents to review your requirements. An estimate based off our price list will be provided. Upon issue of a purchase order, the job will be booked. A site visit will be scheduled to confirm all the details of the project as well as check the availability of compressed air and three-phase power. Once the project begins, we will be working two (2) shifts around the clock until the job is complete.


Peening Technologies Equipment offers affordable CNC robotic shot peening equipment built by our experts to meet your shot peening needs. In addition to building machines, we offer process development, tooling design, machine programming, process qualification and documentation.

Our family-owned and operated company has evolved to meet the constantly changing needs of the aerospace industry. For over 55 years we have handled shot peening for everything from the simplest springs to complex parts for NASA’s space shuttle.
Rich Kirk
Peening Technologies of Connecticut (On-site contact)
1 860-289-4328

Rick Brooks
Peening Technologies of Georgia
1 770-941-9573

Chad Norton
Peening Technologies Equipment
1 860-289-4328
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