CTOTF Request for Abstracts for Spring 2021 Conference April 12-15, 2021

Greetings from CTOTF! We hope you and your family are doing well in these challenging times.
We wanted to write to let you know that Ivy Suter, as many of you have heard, has retired. Tom Pasha, who has worked with Ivy for over 6 years, will be taking over CTOTF event management, working with Ms. Christine Doyle and Ms. Beth Doyle, two highly experienced meeting managers, based in Florida. We have included everyone’s contact information at the bottom of this note.

We are pleased to announce the following for 2021 CTOTF Conference theme:

Achieving the Generation Summit
“It isn’t the mountains ahead to climb that wear you out;
it’s the pebble in your shoe.” – Muhammad Ali

The Champ was referring to the everyday distractions that take us off course and keep us from seeing the bigger picture. While the mountain, our purpose, is always ahead of us, the pebbles often trip us up. With 2020 being a challenging year in every sense, we see an opportunity in 2021 to recommit to the climb and achieve new summits.

Suggested Abstract Topics
Please submit a topic for your Abstract and include a one to three paragraph summary. The topic is your choice, something that would be current and valuable to our User attendees -- to help start your consideration, here are some suggested topics:

• Use of OEM vs. non-OEM – how to ensure high quality of service/ overhauls?
• Risk Mitigation: how far is too far?
• Asset Utilization: single point of failure - condition-based-maintenance approach change?
• Value of capacity: Seasonal plant lay-up?
• Safety: 1-Man Shifts?
• To Upgrade or not Upgrade? Cost/Benefit Analysis
• What do we need to be prepared for in 2021 and beyond?
• Leadership & Employee Training & Development
• Transformer & Fire Protection

Abstract Submission Information:
Please submit your Abstracts to address our 2021 Conference Theme. To send your Abstract, please click on the weblink below, complete and submit the form. If you can co-present with a User, that will make your abstract more compelling and more likely to be selected. Your co-presenter’s name can be provided at a later date.
The Chairs and Vice Chairs of the CTOTF Roundtables have an agenda goal of:

• 1/3 User Presentations
• 1/3 Vendor Presentations
• 1/3 User-to-User Discussions

CTOTF’s goal is to present information that will make Users aware of industry trends and the resulting technical, operating and business challenges – and to stimulate User discussions in the Roundtables. Just a reminder, an abstract should not be a sales pitch. CTOTF’s conference also includes technical training in its CT-Tech Roundtable, so we also welcome your abstracts for Technical Training.

if you haven't submitted an Abstract, please click the “Abstract Submission Form” below.

Please Note:  Abstract Due Date is Friday, February 5, 2021

Once your Abstract is submitted, it will be sent to the Roundtable Chairs and Vice Chairs for their consideration. Please note that the Roundtable chairs will choose abstracts that fit their agendas and support the 2021 Conference theme, so only a percentage of abstracts are selected for each conference. We will notify you by the end of November that your Abstract was selected.

Please call or email us if you have any questions, and thank you for supporting CTOTF.

The CTOTF Conference Team
Tom Pasha
Tel: 407-891-2252
Fax: 407-891-6428
Ms. Beth Doyle
Tel: 407-913-8494
Ms. Christine Doyle
Tel: 407-538-2735