Membership in the CTOTF™ is limited to employees of companies who either have an equity interest in, are currently operating, have under construction, or have a valid contract for delivery of combustion turbine units (i.e. Users). Within the companies that meet these criteria, conference attendance and IBBCS access shall be limited to individuals who are directly involved in the operation and or maintenance of the unit.

Our membership includes employees from over 150 companies from eleven countries. There are no membership dues. A member must attend at least one conference every five years in order to be retained as an active member.

If you are interested in being included in the CTOTF™ Membership Database or need to update your information, please complete the Membership Sign Up Form herein.
Code of Conduct
1. Each company representative at any CTOTF event will behave in a professional, business-like manner.

2. Rudeness or insulting behavior will not be tolerated from members. Infractions are to be immediately reported to the CTOTF Executive Vice Chair-Operations, or another member of the Executive or Leadership Committee for resolution. Individuals and their company bear responsibility for any liability deriving from infractions.

3. Solicitation by any member for attendance at any other user group's conference/meeting/vendor fair is strictly prohibited. Violators of this rule should be immediately reported to the CTOTF Executive Vice Chair-Operations or a member of the CTOTF Executive Committee.

4. No one may order anything in the name of the CTOTF for payment by the CTOTF. Unauthorized ordering will result in the charges being transferred to the individual's account.