Charles (Charlie) L. Knauf Jr, PE

Chairman from Spring, 1975 – Spring, 1986
Charles (Charlie) L. Knauf Jr, PE, was the group’s founder and first chairman, a position he held until losing his “user” status by leaving Long Island Lighting Co’s GT technical group in 1984 for a position at the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). In 1988, Knauf was appointed director of EPRI’s Charlotte-based Combustion Turbine Center. He remained in that job until “retiring” to private consulting in 1991. Charlie was honored by the group at the Spring 2003 meeting. Never one to mince words, during his lifetime award acceptance speech he expressed his amazement that water washing still seemed to be discussed at every meeting. Knauf died in 2009 at the age of 85.

While under Knauf's chairmanship the group grew rapidly and expanded their subject areas to include Westinghouse and Pratt & Whitney / Turbo Power & Marine, followed by Siemens, and later Alstom (ABB) gas turbine owner-operators. The group became affiliated with Edison Electric Institute (EEI) in 1979, as the EEI Combustion Turbine Operations Task Force. It reported to the Steam and Combustion Turbine Subcommittee of the EEI Prime Movers Committee.ittee
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