Please read all of the following information before completing your application.

Since 2004, the Combustion Turbine Operations Technical Forum (CTOTF) has offered the Super Champion and Champion Program to selected vendors.  This program provides these vendors who are accepted as Super Champions or Champions with unprecedented and guaranteed access to User attendees at both the Spring and Fall Conferences.  We hope that you will join us to be an integral part of CTOTF in 2021.


The CTOTF Conferences covers all makes, models, and configurations of combustion turbines (CTs).  Additionally, new Roundtables are added as necessary to cover the hot issues of concern to the CT industry, bringing more owners/operators (“Users”) with varied interests to the Conferences; at each conference, 30-40% of Users are first-time attendees.  CTOTF currently has the following Roundtables that draw Users who may not be attending CT/frame-specific user groups:

  • General Session / Industry Issues
  • O&M and Business Practices
  • Combined Cycle
  • Leadership Development
  • Regulatory & Compliance (Environmental Systems & NERC/FERC)
  • GE Large Frame F-Class; GE Large Frame B&E-Class; GE Aero Derivatives (LM-Class); GE GT11/GT24 (Legacy Alstom)
  • 501 Siemens & MHPS (Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems)
  • PW Power Systems Aero Derivatives (FT4 & FT8)
  • Siemens V-Class; Siemens Aero Derivative ADGT; Siemens 800
  • Advanced Frame Units H&J
  • General Session for Turbines
  • Generator and Electrical, Instrumentation & Controls
  • CT-Tech

The Super Champion and Champion Programs provide participating vendors with the opportunity to meet with all types of Users, allowing these vendors to capitalize on face-to-face User interactions. 

CTOTF has included new features to the Super Champion program:  1) Our “Event App” which connects all Users at both Conferences with each other and with the Super Champions. The Event App is available two weeks prior to the conference and lists contact information for all registered Users.  We see this as our next level of facilitating communication and interaction on-site at the Conferences.  Access to the Event App is only available to Super Champions, and 2) Attendance at the General Session and Leadership Roundtables which are only available to Super Champions.

Please Note:  These programs are NOT associated with any other organization’s affiliation program.


There are three sponsorship levels in the CTOTF Program – Super Champions, Champions and Vendors. Designations are based solely on the level of support for CTOTF. For 2021, the Super Champion fee is $7,500 and the Champion fee is $5,500. Each level will be offered special opportunities throughout the year, and the program is for the entire year!

Regular Vendor Fees are $3,000 for Fall 2021 Conference and include items listed above.

Please Note: Because of COVID-19 considerations, for the Fall 2021 Conference, if it is mandated we go Virtual, our Super Champion and Champion fees will include Booth Space and the Conference Book. If the Conference goes live in Scottsdale, standard exhibit booth fees will be charged, based on CTOTF returning to Live events. Several additional advertising and sponsorship opportunities are available and will be charged separately


Super Champion, Champion and Vendor Sponsorship Program Benefits
Sponsorship Benefits
Super Champion

Member of the Industry Advisory Board
Guaranteed Booth Space - BOTH Spring & Fall 2021 Trade Shows
(if booth reserved within published timeframes)
Priority Booth Selection
Reduced Booth Rates
Reduced Ad Rates
Sunday Evening Networking Event with CTOTF Users
at BOTH Spring & Fall 2021 Conferences

YES - 2 Reps Invited

Special Saturday Evening Super Champion Reception with CTOTF Leadership Committee & Users
YES - 4 Reps Invited
“Event App” Access
Website Advertising
CT Tech Instructors
Roundtable Presentations -
Super Champions may have a kiosk/display outside the Roundtable meeting room
1st Choice
2nd Choice
If time available
Special CTOTF Shirts Included
(Provided at Spring Event)
Recognition in Meeting App, Website and Materials
Vendor Dating – expanded to both Conferences *
Banner Ads (accompany CTOTF User Forum postings in restricted CTOTF User portal)


While CTOTF invites all interested parties to apply to be a Super Champion or Champion, participation is subject to final approval by the CTOTF Selection Committee.  (CTOTF reserves the right to decline any application.)  Please read the CTOTF Policies & Guidelines for Vendors (Appendix I, attached hereto) and the Code of Conduct (Appendix II, attached hereto) prior to applying.  By submitting an application, you are agreeing that your company and your representatives will adhere to these policies.

Each Super Champion or Champion designation is for one company.  If your company has multiple divisions and each carries a different company name, then each separately named company would need to apply to be a Super Champion or Champion


CTOTF has restricted vendor participation in its Conference meetings since its inception as a User group.  Through these Sponsorship Programs, Super Champions and Champions get additional access to the Users.  Only CTOTF Super Champions and Champions (2 reps included) will be able to participate in any CTOTF User event/activity the day before the official Trade Show or in any other Super Champion or Champion activity that may be offered at the Fall 2021 Conference. 

In addition, the Super Champions and Champions are honored at the at the Fall Conference, where there is again another exclusive event only for Users and the Super Champions and Champions.  (Please note that only at the Fall event will the Super Champion/Champion apparel and certificates be awarded.)  No other group recognizes their affiliated sponsors as does CTOTF.


CTOTF Super Champions will each receive 2 CTOTF items of apparel or comparable themed merchandise; Champions will each receive 1 item.  These will be presented to your attending reps at the Fall Conference only.  Additional themed items may be ordered in advance, at CTOTF cost.


Historically, the CTOTF Conference Trade Shows sell out quickly after the invitations are sent.

The benefit of being a Super Champion or Champion is that your company will receive notices with a reserved response time, with guaranteed exhibitor space at both the Spring and Fall 2021 Conferences – provided your response is within the noticed time frame.  Within the Program, booth selection is based on the date that payment is received – for example, Super Champions have the first priority on booth selection, and within the Super Champions, booth selection is based on the date that payment is received – the same process applies to the Champions, who have second priority on booth selection, after the Super Champions have made their selections, and within the Champions based on the date that payment is received


CTOTF Super Champions and Champions will be listed on the CTOTF website ( with their logos, corporate descriptions, and hyperlinks to their websites. (This information needs to be provided by January 10, 2021.)  Announcement of your status will be sent to all Users through CTOTF’s Internet Forum.  Logos will be placed on signage at exclusive events and in both Conference Books.  CTOTF Super Champions and Champions will receive a discount on Conference book advertisements.

Additionally, free banner ads with active links for Super Champions will be placed on all user communications in the User Forum.  These banner ads rotate among the Super Champions.

INDUSTRY ADVISORY BOARD … Available Only to Super Champions

In 2009, the Industry Advisory Board was launched.  This Board consists of the CTOTF Executive Board and one or two representatives from each Super Champion company, plus Executive Board-invited industry experts.  This new Industry Advisory Board was very successful and produced recommendations for CTOTF, including tradeshow formats, the widely acclaimed “Vendor Dating” and the CT-Tech training.  The Industry Advisory Board continues to drive innovation for the conferences.

One representative of each Super Champion vendor will again be asked to participate in the semi-annual Industry Advisory Board meetings to discuss industry issues and advise the CTOTF Executive Board on market directions.  Additionally, the Executive Board will present to the Industry Advisory Board ideas for future special events for Super Champions, as well as encourage Industry Advisory Board members to offer their own ideas for improvements.  At the appropriate Industry Advisory Board meeting, information is disseminated regarding the Tuesday evening “Vendor Dating” event.  To ensure continuity, please designate a representative who will be able to attend both Industry Advisory Board meetings during the year



  1. If you would like to be among the select CTOTF Super Champions or Champions for 2020, please complete the attached Application and check the box for the level for which you wish to be considered. Email the completed form to by October 30, 2020.  Due to the size of the Industry Advisory Board, and to maintain a reasonable number for Vendor Dating, the number of Super Champions will be limited for 2021.
  2. Your application will be acknowledged as soon as it is received.
  3. Upon acceptance of your application, but no later than Tuesday, December 22, 2020, an invoice will be emailed to the administrative point of contact listed on your application. Direct deposit information will be included on the invoice.
  4. Credit card purchases are subject to a 4% charge; you may either direct deposit the sponsorship fee or make your check payable to “CTOTF” and mail it in time to be received by January 8, 2021, to:
Tom Pasha
5350 Alligator Lake Rd
Saint Cloud, FL 34772
  (Tel: 407-891-2252)


Please note that for these Programs, checks or direct deposits are preferred, credit card charges are subject to a 4% fee.  Tom Pasha, Contact Planning, Inc., is the authorized service provider for CTOTF, with Federal Tax ID Number 59-3698214. Making an application is considered a commitment to pay the fee if accepted into the program.  The Application Fee is not pro-rated.  Any questions, please contact Tom Pasha at