Thanks to everyone who attended and exhibited at the CTOTF 2021 Fall Conference!

The CTOTF Fall Conference received great reviews -- our User Group members attended outstanding Roundtables and our Sponsors were able to start and restart great relationships with their business contacts. 

Mark your calendars for March 13-17, 2022, when we are bringing the CTOTF 2022 Spring Conference to Louisville, Kentucky!  We’ll be at the Galt House Hotel, a beautiful Wyndham Trademark Hotel, in the heart of downtown.  We’ll have our Tradeshow and Reception in a ballroom overlooking the Ohio River, our famous Vendor Dating Program and a fun Kentucky Derby event to kick things off.  From the CTOTF training, to networking and working with industry contacts in an “in-person” environment once again, you won’t want to miss Springtime 2022 in Louisville!

Be sure to watch the website and send your contact information (email & first and last name) to  to be added to the mailing list, as we will be sending updates to you directly.

Welcome to Louisville, KY!

  • 1975 - 2020 Celebrating 45 Years Meeting Turbine Operating Challenges A Proud Heritage -- An Exciting Future.

Welcome to CTOTF, the Combustion Turbine Operations Technical Forum!

Great to have you visiting our website!  CTOTF is approaching 50 years as the premier trade association of power plant owners, operators and engineers.  We are a technical conference, constantly improving and innovating power generating equipment across all frames, and we invite you to explore our website and consider joining our group.

CTOTF hosts two biannual events, in the Spring and Fall.  Our Sponsors and Members are invited to present Roundtables, which are technical talks on all aspects of power generation, from design and commissioning to maintenance and rebuilds.  To deliver a safe event, our Virtual Spring, 2021 Conference was completed in April and we hosted almost 500 attendees, over 350 of whom were power plant directors, managers and engineers.  We had over 120 Sponsor attendees and hosted Engineering students from major universities and HBCU’s nationwide.  POWER Magazine, CTOTF’s media partner, also participated along with other power generation press.  Our Sponsors and Members presented 25 Roundtable sessions, consistently drawing over 100 attendees per session, all in a Virtual environment. 

Our 2021 Fall Conference is scheduled for September 19-23, at the Omni Scottsdale Resort.  As the COVID-19 situation continues to improve, CTOTF is planning to host the Fall 2021 conference as a Live event and we are monitoring the situation continually to deliver an outstanding event in a safe environment.  We are opening Sponsor Registration in late April, accepting Speaker Abstracts through July 1 and inviting our User Group members to register, after July 1.  We are working to deliver an exceptional Live event and will be in constant contact with our Members, Sponsors and Media on all updates.

Again, welcome to the CTOTF website!  Please look through all the content here, and be sure to call or write if there is anything we can do for you.

    The CTOTF Innovation Excellence Awards ProgramIn Partnership with Power Magazine CTOTF in partnership with POWER Magazine is now accepting submissions for the 2022 Innovation Excellence Awards.  If...
      CTOTF is proud to incorporate a Leadership Development curriculum to our attendees as an additional option when attending our conferences.
        A CTOTF Leader is someone who has demonstrated leadership characteristics and is recognized by their industry peers as an individual capable of making thoughtful, informed decisions, providing...
          CT-Tech™ is a training opportunity for today's power plant operations and maintenance personnel offered by the CTOTF™ to Conference Attendees. CT-Tech™ provides expanded instruction and training in...


          CTOTF is proud to have the following companies as our partners in delivering exceptional events to the Power Generation Industry. Should your company or organization require industry expertise, meeting marketing and management or a new approach to technology, please click on the links shown for outstanding service.

          Power Magazine: Worldwide authority publication in the Power industry
          Contact Planning, Inc: Meeting site selection and marketing expertise
          Meeting Planning for You, Inc: Meeting logistics, management, and coordination at every step
          Atexcyber: Exceptional technology for every application: websites, e-mails, excellent tech services

          Please contact Tom Pasha at, to discuss becoming a CTOTF Partner


          Super Champions serve as the CTOTF™ Industry Advisory Board to the Executive Board and meet twice per year prior to each conference.
          The Super Champions are honored by the membership at each Spring Conference and are invited to special events at both Spring and Fall Conferences. We appreciate these OEMs, vendors, and suppliers who have demonstrated their commitment to ensuring that the CTOTF™ not only continues but flourishes.

          2021 CTOTF™ CHAMPIONS

          The Champions are honored by the membership at each Spring Conference and are invited to special events at both Spring and Fall Conferences.  We appreciate these OEMs, vendors, and suppliers who have demonstrated their commitment to ensuring that the CTOTF™ not only continues but flourishes.

          CTOTF Group Information

          The CTOTF™ is a membership organization of combustion turbine owners/operators ("Users"). The organization's user-defined mission continues to be the premier forum for the exchange of information and experiences related to the design, operations and maintenance of combustion turbine and combined cycle power plants, and to provide a collective voice for its members to express issues and concerns to the combustion turbine industry.

          On this site, you can learn about our almost 50 years history and find information regarding participation and membership in CTOTF™ (There are no membership fees ). Users may also sign up on this site for the custom-designed CTOTF™ Internet Bulletin Board Communication Service (IBBCS).

          Information is available herein regarding our Executive Board, the Leadership Committee, as well as our user's--only bi-annual (Spring & Fall) Conferences and the associated Trade Shows. You will also find Conference Roundtable Agendas accompanied by abstracts of scheduled presentations and biographies of the presenters.

          Herein is also information regarding the new educational arm of the CTOTF™ called CT-Tech™. CT-Tech™ provides more in-depth information for the new user or refresher courses for the experienced user. It is held during the evenings of the Conference weeks.
          Information is also available for providers of combustion turbine electric generating plant services and supplies regarding participation in the bi-annual Trade Shows, sponsorship programs (such as the Super Champion/Champion program), and advertising opportunities.

          CTOTF™ members have found that today’s technical issues are not just frame-specific but encompass the entire plant. In order to fulfill the defined mission and to meet their own professional needs, the members developed the CTOTF™ Total Plant Concept.

          Tom Pasha